The Best Bronx Moving Company

August 13, 2015 at 6:06 pm

Hey everyone, we are here today to talk about a good moving company we just used. We moved one of our offices a few weeks ago and we needed a good and reliable mover to come and get the job done. So the first thing we did was search on google for a Bronx Moving Company and obviously that gave us way too many choices. We then needed to narrow that down and the way to do that was to cross a bunch of companies off the list. We skimmed through a bunch of sites and if we did not like anything then they got crossed off. At the end of that we were left with just 2 moving companies to pick from. Once we had those two we decided to call them both and set up a time for them to come out and give us a free quote. They both came out on the same day but at different times of course and later on that day we had two free quotes to look over. Both of the companies offered the same services ad they both had tons of good reviews on multiple different websites. So the bottom line was the price and one company had better pricing then the other. We called them up and scheduled the move. Moving day came and they were early, about 15 minutes. They got started right away with packing everything up, they did that nice and clean with bubble stuff when necessary. That part took them about 2 hours, keep in mind this was a full office with lots of furniture and supplies. Once it was all packed up it was off to the new office. Once there they started to unload it all and put it where we directed. That was done in about 45 minutes and the whole thing was over.

Normally moving is a nightmare, no matter if it’s 10 minutes away or 10 hours. This time however it was stress free, pain free, and the quickest move ever. We credit that to the excellent moving company we hired which was Serenity Movers located in the Bronx. They did such a goo job we decided to write this post about them today that you are reading. We always tell people about good experiences we have had with small to medium business’s. This moving company was the best we have ever used. They were quick, polite, honest, reliable, professional, and most of all affordable. InĀ  addition, they did not pull any price maneuvers like changing the price once we got there or when they were finished. They charged us the same price as what they quoted us. We definitely give them 10 stars, that is out of 10 of course. Everything that they did a good job at they actually did. There is not one negative thing we can say about them. We do highly recommend them to anyone who is moving, this includes people in Manhattan, NYC, or Bronx. And they do residential and commercial as well. So go ahead and check out their site, give them a call, send them an email, or fill out the free quote request. You will not be dissappointe3d at all. That is it for today guys, take care.