The Awesome Playboy Vixen Sub Ohm Tank

January 21, 2016 at 5:29 pm

Hey all you awesome readers, today I am back and I am going to talk about one of the best Sub Ohm Tank on the market right now. The tank was created by the Billion Dollar Company called Playboy. Yep, they have ventured into the Vape industry, and can you blame them? The industry has been blowing up for the past few years and everyone wants a piece of it. So Playboy started a new name, Playboy Vapor, and they have been pumping out new products over the past few months. We really love the Playboy Vixen tank and you can check out the Playboy Vixen Sub Ohm Tank Review at our buddies site for lots more information and pictures. The review site we just mentioned is by far the best one out there. They have two parts to every review they post, the first is just a quick look and preliminary review, and then about two weeks later they finish it up with the full review. This seems to work perfectly for them and their loyal readers because it gives the best picture of the product at a glance and after some use. If you are ever contemplating buying a new Vape product we definitely recommend that you check out their site first so you know exactly what you are buying and if it’s a good deal or even if it’s a good product. They have quite a few reviews live and they usually post new ones all the time. They also have a solid rule they have kept for awhile now, they do not accept anything for free to write a review on, because this will almost always lead to more positive included in the review then the honest thoughts they originally had. So the morel of this story is two things, Playboy has gotten into the Vape game, and The Best Vape has the best reviews we have ever seen. Ok that is it for this short post, have a great day.